Natural Adrenal Support – Tips for Treating Adrenal Fatigue

by Dean Boukaras

Your Adrenals Need To Relax Once In A While

Your Adrenals Need To Relax Once In A While

Adrenal gland support is important considering the stressful lives that we’re all currently living in.  By considering these few lifestyle factors and natural adrenal gland support remedies, you can significantly improve your adrenal gland health, and perhaps remove yourself from the majority of the adrenal fatigue statistic!

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

First for a soothing and regenerating treatment, take an Epsom salt bath.  This will pull the fatigue and acidity right out of your body.  Try to incorporate an Epsom salt bath into your routine at least one a week.  Let your mind go and release the worries of the day.

You may add a few drops of Lavender or rose essential oil to your bath and allow the relaxing aroma to help you relax and refresh.  These oils are well known for their uplifting and relaxing qualities.

Essential oil, in themselves, can be blended and used to replenish the adrenal glands without stimulating them.  Mix one ounce hazelnut essential oil plus 50 drops each of Black Spruce and Pine essential oils.  Apply this blend regularly to your kidney and adrenal area for a week or two to help support glandular function.  You’ll smell great too!

Improve Your Sleep Routine

Next, do what you can to improve your sleep routine.  Getting to bed before 10pm is crucial – the hours after 10pm are extremely important in rejuvenation.  Your body starts to rebuild at night, so you do not want to stress it out when it is going through these processes.  Try finishing your last meal as early as possible so your body doesn’t have to spend all it’s resources digesting your dinner.  You want your body to instead work on replenishing your vital resources.

Herbal sleep formulas are effective for many people, and are not addictive!  Studies have shown that the aroma of certain essential oils in the room can have a dramatic effect on sleep quality – an easy way to experiment is to sprinkle a few drops of lavender or rose essential oil on your comforter before retiring (be sparing, too much can actually be stimulating!)  Good night!

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